Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Valentine’s day!

Vedic numerology on Valentine’s day!

With Valentine’s day just a few days away, I thought of writing about one of the tenets of Vedic astrology that helps in identifying whether a person whom you like will be actually compatible with you.

There is something called the “Maithri charka” that describes 8 types of people by way of 8 animals based on which one can know whether a person will really live up to be a 'mithra', a friend or a bitter enemy or a neutral one with whom you may not have problems.

This charka has application in friendship matters, in business partnership and of course in love and marriage relationship.

The 8 animals are paired as representing the opposite arms of the Maithri charka, indicating bitter enmity.

For example

Garuda x snake Cat x rat Lion x elephant Dog x Rabbit

The 8 animals are placed from east through 8 directions.
To know if one will be friendly with you, you have to first know which animal represents your name. Then know the animal represented by your friend’s name. If the two animals are in opposites, you can expect troubles in relationship. If they are same, there will be good matching of minds. If they are natural friends, there will be friendship.

This is how the calculation is done:-

Ø  If the remainder is 1 – garuda (E)
Ø  If it is 2, cat (SE)
Ø  If it is 3, lion (S)
Ø  If it is 4, dog (SW)
Ø  If it is 5, snake (W)
Ø  If it is 6, rat (NW)
Ø  If it is 7, elephant (N)
Ø  If it is 0, rabbit (NE)

Nowadays, the practice is to count the letters in English and other languages too. Here the method is to count the number of letters, multiply it with 10 and divide the outcome by 8.

Example :

  1. If  Bobby  and  Eshha  want to be business partners, count their name numbers.

       Bobby   =5 x 10 = 50 / 8 = 6 (R- 2 ) - Cat

       Eshha   = 5 x10 = 50 /8 = 6 (R-2 ) -  Cat

Relationship between Cat & Cat will more friendly as per Maithri charka .

  1. If  Sunnil & Kunal  want to be business partners, count their name numbers.

Sunnil  = 6 x 10 = 60 / 8 = 7 ( R-4 )- Dog

Kunal  = 5 x 10 = 50 / 8 = 6 (R- 2 ) – Cat
Relationship between Dog  & Cat will  be neutral  .

In this way the compatibility and friendship can be known from the relationship between the 8 animals. Same number persons will have good understanding. Opposite numbers do not make them see eye to eye. Other numbers are acceptable, but the way they relate to each other is determined by the nature of relationship between the animals representing their names.

Vedic astrology uses the 8 animal – characteristics at other places too – in identifying the city where one can flourish and in identifying the part of the city where one can settle down and lead a peaceful life. We will see them in future posts.

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