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Business Partners

By now it should be come as no Surprise that the relationships in your life-professional and other wise-will be better if your numbers are compatible. If you are thinking about entering into a Business partnership, you should always look at the Full Name Number of your prospective partner and make sure that you can work with someone with the associated character traits. Each of the Nine primary numbers is linked to specific careers and professions.

Design ,inventive, teaching, writing, project management.
Nursing, any area of hospitality, art, therapy, accounting, collecting
Entrepreneur, business, sales,  communicating, anything to do with arts.
Science, mathematics, architecture, engineering,electricity, computers or technology.
Public relations, advertising, acting, journalism, management, research
Fashion ,theater, charity work, beautician, modelling, music.
Healer ,counselling, clairvoyance, astrology.
Law, business, finacial sector, army, politics.
Music, hypnotism, exploration, travel, clairvoyance, healer, writer.

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Your three essential numbers-

In human life, there will be 3 VITAL organs-HEART, BRAIN & KIDNEY; similarly in the concept  of “MAGIC OF NUMBERS” , 3 most important or key numbers are:


1.Your birth number : the date, time , and place of birth are equally important for divining purposes in numerology. for “magic of numbers”,we will concentrate on the birth number,a.k.a as the destiny or life path number , which represents and reflects a person’s inner potential. your birth number also shows yours inherent talents & capabilities.

To figure out your birth number, add together the day, month , and the year in which you were born, seperating all the digits out.

For Example, If your date of birth were Oct, 22, 1982, you would add it up the following way:


Thus your birth number would be 7. Magic of Numbers reflects that you are inherently spiritual, sensitive and intuitive.

Your birth Number tells you what you have been brought into this world to explore and to find out-it is your Life Path revealed. It is where your SOUL resides, and is what motivates you. It is the underlying force in everything you do, even if you aren’t conscious of it.


The Number One:
The Creative, Male, Dominant, Alpha, Leader, Ambition, Initiation, Individualism, Self, Arrogance, Aggression, Attainment, Happiness, Fulfillment, Glory, Fame, Birth, Fire, Unique, Omniscience
The Number Two:
The Submissive, Female, Dualism, Cooperation, Consideration, Cooperation, Balance, Mediation, The Other, Love, Flexibility, Adaptability, Grace, Dance, Harmony, Devotion, Obedience, The Subconscious, Water, Soul Mate,
The Number Three:
The Divided, Triangle, Multiples, The Holy Trinity, Faith, Hope and Charity, Expression, Speech, Wit, Society, Art, Culture, Sensuality, Sorrow, Immaturity, Passion, Air, Surprise, Spontaneity, Change, Sex
The Number Four:
The Builder, Foundation, Stability, Patriarchy, Power, Progress, Earth, Justice, Ability, Manual Dexterity, Practical, Law, The Conscious Mind, Civilization, Traditional, Profit, Wisdom, Commerce, Health, Conviction
The Number Five:
The Visionary, Expansion, Opportunity, The Matriarchy, Adventure, Imagination, Story-telling, Symbols, The Subconscious Mind, Individualism, Freedom, Healing, Miracle, Choices, Unconditional Love, Mercy, Kindness, Invention, Resourceful, The New Age, Assistant.
The Number Six:
The Protector, Provider, Healer, Nurturing, Children, Empathy, Intuition, Sympathy, Quality, Sustenance, Love of Community, Unconditional love, Circulation, Economy, Agriculture, Charity, Balance, Grace, Evolution, Simplicity, Sorcery.
The Number Seven:
The Analyst, Thinker, Science, Learning, Education, Study, The Written Word, Logic, Alchemy, Secrets, Myth, Religion, Ritual, Understanding, Knowledge, Isolation, Chastity, Dignity, The Collective Consciousness, Genius.
The Number Eight:
The Manifesting, Wealth, Power, Riches, Status, Material, Pragmatism, The Ego, Provision, Aggregation, Dictatorship, Multiples, Business, Investment, Employment, Appearance, Customs, Skills, Exchange, Reality, World Transformation.
The Number Nine
The Humanitarian, Religious, Charitable, Philanthropic, Duty, Calling, Mission, Obligations, Hardship, The Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Mysticism, Faith, Angel on Earth, Faith in Mankind, Optimist, Suffering, Self-sacrifice, Karma, Enlightenment, Divine Wisdom.
The Number Eleven
The Master Teacher, Illumination, Enlightenment, Inspirational, Idealism, Intuitive, Psychic, Channeling, Poetry, Art, Symbols, Expression, Dreamer, Revolution, Drugs, Alternate Consciousness, Mysticism, Catalyst, Prisoner, Prophet.
The Number Twenty Two
The Master Builder, Dreams Made Manifest, Ancient Wisdom, Realization, Force of Nature, The Future, Evolution, Technology, Universal Love, God, Retribution, Redemption, Love, War, Leader, The Universe, Personal Power, Charisma, Service, The Divine Imagination.
So as you can see, “MAGIC OF NUMBERS” can be as complex as the human personality itself and it takes a number of calculations to paint an entire portrait of a human's psyche.

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mangalpandit: A “52” –Day Cycle and Your Health

mangalpandit: A “52” –Day Cycle and Your Health: A   “52” –Day Cycle and Your Health This article is purely based upon the “Health & Illness”, and how your date of birth number...

A “52” –Day Cycle and Your Health

A  “52” –Day Cycle and Your Health

This article is purely based upon the “Health & Illness”, and how your date of birth number influences the illness. Let me introduce , another “Health” barometer-one that is not new at all, but very old. According to the ancient Rosicrucian Order, from birth day to birthday one’s health can undergo dramatic changes.  

This mystic order observed that in every 52-day period, from birthday to birthday, a change of some sort occurs.

Have you ever wondered, when faced with a health crisis, whether it would be best to go ahead with that operation? 

Mode of Calculation:
From birthday to birthday, there are seven periods of 52 days each. To keep track of your seven 52-day periods, starts with your birth day. This is considered Day 1. Now , count  forward another 51 days on your calender. This completes period number 1. Next , count forward another 51 days from where you last stopped. This is the period number 2. Continue this method until you come back around to your next birthday, for a total of seven periods.

Period 1 ( 52 Days)
·         Vitality . Good health.
·         Good period to plan an operation.
·         An especially good period for deep breathing, walking, and other outdoor activities.
·         Avoid straining the Eyes.
Period 2 ( 52 Days)
·         Tendency toward  the rapid changes in the health.
·         Problems develop with the stomach, bowels, blood stream, nerves, aches, and pains.
·         Keep a cheerful and contended attitude of mind.
Period 3 ( 52 Days)
·         Period of accidents and sudden operations in any way.
·         Injury through fire, sharp instruments , falls, and sudden blows.
·         Must watch your blood pressure, avoid over strain.
Period 4 ( 52 Days)
·         Time of restlessness, uneasiness, and stress on the nervous system.
·         Avoid excessive reading , planning or over working the mind.
·         Rest and sleep is needed more during this period than at any other time.
Period  5 ( 52 Days)
·         Tendency  of overindulge.
·         Very good period for recovery from any sort of illness, and stay alert.
Period 6  ( 52 Days)
·         Skin , throat, the reproductive  System, and kidneys may be affected.
·         Avoid mental strain , over work , or too much pleasures of a physical nature.
·         Drink plenty of fresh water and take part in lots of outdoor activities.
Period 7 ( 52 Days)
·         Physical and mental vitality is generally at its lowest.
·         Not a good time for starting any new medicine or treatment.
·         Try to avoid lingering colds or flare-ups of chronic conditions.
Example: A person born on 5th July
Suppose , for this person 5th july’13 becomes the day 1.
Now, count from day 1 till 51 days, so up to 24th August, this person is under the period 1 ( 52 days) , and so on ………………………………………