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Palmistry, also known as Chirology, is a marvelous edifice today. It borrows its stones from the ancient civilizations of all lands. Your palm is your personality. Just like your fingerprint, each palm is unique. And this uniqueness of your hands expresses your individuality. Your palm lines denote different aspects of your destiny. The hand we use to write is called dominant hand, and the other hand, the non-dominant. The non- dominant hand shows past tendencies; the dominant hand shows resolutions for the present and future. By understanding both hands, we can draw upon your past experiences and the awareness of future possibilities to live more fully in the present. Our dominant hand, relating to our conscious mind. It reflects our self-image, what we want to do and how to do it. However, our non-dominant hand, relating to our subconscious . The subconscious mind is the most amazing computer in the world. We only use approximately 5% of our total mental capacity. By understanding both hands — our present thoughts and deeply engraved past emotional patterns — we can help activate the remaining 95%. Shapes of hand

People with a square hand have a square palm, a square wrist, square at the base of the fingers and the fingers and nails are also square. This hand is characterized by large thumb, qualities of square palm are mentioned below.

  • Practical and Logical 
  • Honest and Reliable 
  • Lead Disciplined Life 
  • Respect law and Order

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